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Fitness tips

We share expert tips to help you achieve your diet and exercise goals and stay active.

1.  Commit yourself: Buy new gear, join a gym, or rope in a friend to be your workout buddy – whatever it takes to help make exercise a priority.

2.  Be realistic: Ease into your workout routine, especially if it’s been a while. Set achievable goals, eg. walk for 10 minutes daily, then increase the time from there. With gradual increases, you will more likely stick with the programme. Visit sfexaminer.

3.  Sign up for an event: For motivation, try a 5km walk, a 10km run or a triathlon. Having a final goal is a great incentive to keep training.

4.  Move to music: A 2005 Canadian study looking at the influence of music on weight-loss in women over a 24-week period found those who listened to music while they worked out lost seven more kilograms and four per cent more body weight than the women who didn’t. So turn up the volume and get moving!

5.  Keep it fun: Do exercises you love! Even that game of beach cricket with your kids counts. Don’t torture yourself with exercises you hate.

6.  Ditch the all-or-nothing mentality: When you don’t have the 30 minutes needed for your usual workout, it doesn’t mean you can’t exercise at all. Use the time you do have, up the intensity and reduce the duration, eg. jog for 15 minutes instead of walking for 30.

7.  Exercise in the morning: Getting up 30 minutes earlier each morning makes it easy for you to fit exercise into a hectic schedule. Exercising first thing can also boost your energy levels for the rest of the day, making you more efficient at work.

8.  Get a workout partner: A training buddy can motivate you. Choose someone committed to their health, so you can help each other stay on track. Talking and joking while you exercise can make it even more enjoyable. Check out the latest java burn reviews.

9.  Think of the benefits: Instead of viewing exercise as a necessary evil, change your mindset and get active for the health benefits and the fantastic way you feel afterwards. Plus, exercise participation is associated with higher levels of life satisfaction and happiness.

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