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Why is a Defensive Driving Course Important?

Why is a Defensive Driving Course Important?

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Taking a defense driving course may not be at the top of your to-do list, but taking the time to complete one can save you money in the long run and reduce your risk of accidents.

Defensive driving courses cover several important tactics you can use to drive safely and avoid a collision, such as:


  • Maintaining proper distance when driving on highways, freeways and in the city.
  • Looking 10-15 seconds ahead when driving on the highway to react to traffic congestion, accidents or stalled vehicles.
  • Being aware of your surroundings at all times and what’s happening all around your vehicle.
  • Checking mirrors briefly before returning your attention to the road.
  • Always check blind spots and look over your shoulder. Relying solely on your mirror may result in an accident.

Defensive driving will cover all of these points and more. The purpose is to ensure that you drive safely and can react properly to unexpected incidents on the road.

The Advantages of Taking a Defensive Driving Course

Reduce Your Risk of Accident and Injury

Taking a defensive driving course may reduce your risk of car accidents and injuries.

Drivers in big cities like Houston, Austin and Dallas are known to cut people off, tailgate and even pass on the wrong side of the road. These dangerous maneuvers can easily cause an accident. Defensive driving courses prepare you for these situations, teaching you how to safely take action to avoid a collision.

Harris County leads the state for the highest number of accident fatalities, and 11% of all Texas car accidents occur in the county. A defensive driving course may help Houston drivers stay safe on the road and avoid becoming another statistic, get the best driving classes.

Lower Insurance Premiums

Want another way to lower your insurance premiums? Enroll in a defensive driving course. Completing the course can save you up to 10% on car insurance.

Car insurance in Houston, on average, costs $1,821 per year. Premiums are significantly higher than both the Texas and national average.

Along with learning how to be a safer driver, a defensive driving course can also make your insurance more affordable without compromising on coverage. This discount can be especially beneficial for young drivers who are just getting started with their driving careers.

Less Likely to Violate Traffic Laws

Drivers who take defensive driving courses may be less likely to get tickets for speeding and other traffic law violations. Drivers often walk away with a greater understanding of and respect for traffic laws and the consequences of violating these laws.

Traffic Ticket Dismissal

Many drivers enroll in defensive driving courses for one reason: to get a traffic ticket dismissed. Completing a defensive driving course may be all that you need to do to have your ticket dismissed, but you will learn important lessons that will make you a better driver.

Fewer Trips to the Auto Repair Shop

Driving defensively has the added benefit of reducing wear and tear on your car. This is especially true of your brakes and tires. Aggressive driving leads to repeated sudden use of your brakes while you try control your vehicle, weave in and out of traffic or make turns at unsafe speeds. You can count on more frequent visits to the repair shop and higher costs of maintenance. Your car is an important investment and should be treated as such.

Many Jobs Require It

If you work in a job that involves driving a company car or truck, safety is a top priority. Businesses are always looking to reduce risk. If the company you work for owns a fleet of vehicles you can be sure that they’ll reward those who drive responsibly and discipline those who don’t. If you’re looking for a job as a delivery driver, a suburban landscaper, plumber or air-conditioning contractor you can bet that demonstrating your history as a safe driver will help you get the job.

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